1. Sort Your Closet

Go through your closet carefully.  Choose items to bring in that are no more than 2-3 years old and in current style.  Better labels and designers are what our customers are buying.  Please refer to our “likes” page for brands and items we are currently accepting.  It will help you with your sorting decisions. If tags are still attached, please leave them on.


2. Inspect your items

How does the item smell? Any stains? Make sure items are freshly laundered, pressed or dry cleaned.  Any items that are dirty or have a strong scent will be declined.  Items need to be “display ready” so anything that is wrinkled will be declined. We do not steam or press your items.

Buttons secure? Zippers working properly? Pockets emptied?  Anything needing maintenance will be declined.


Handbags: make sure all pockets are clean and emptied.


Shoes: footbeds must be clean. No inserts or toe prints. No nicks on heels or toes.  Please wipe down shoes/boots if they are dusty or have dirt on them. If they are presented to us with dust or dirt it’s less likely we will accept them.


Watches: does it need a new battery? Please take care of that before bringing it in!


3. Preparing your items

We ask that all items be brought in on hangers (they will be returned to you.) You may bring delicate items folded neatly in a laundry basket or rubbermaid tub.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We will not accept items presented to us in garbage bags or cardboard boxes. Please understand that if we decline an item it is a business decision not a personal one.


4. Come on in!

20 or fewer items? No appointment needed! We want to make it super easy to consign with Found.  Walk-in with 20 or fewer items on hangers as directed above.


If you have more than 20 items please email, message on Facebook or call the shop to let

us know you’re coming or to set up an appointment.

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