(Revised February 12, 2023)


Pricing of Items:

  • Found bases prices on several factors including the age of the item, condition, original retail, resale value and current demand. We strive to sell your items for the best price possible for you.
  • Pricing is discretionary and subject to sales and markdowns during the 60-day consignment period. (typically after 45 days)
  • We authenticate all luxury items through a 3rd party and are subject to an authentication fee that is included in the sale price. All luxury pricing will be approved by the consignor prior to putting out on the sales floor. Luxury goods priced above $500 are subject to a 10% markdown if still in store after 45 days. Items are subject to a buyers fee that is passed onto the buyer and not subject to consignment splits.


Consignment splits are standardized by price as listed below: ​

$1 - $99 = 40% to you (the consignor)

$100 - $499 = 50% to you

$500 - $999 = 60% to you

$1000 - $2999 = 70% to you

$3000 and up = 80% to you

  • Balances may be used for in-store purchases. *New* You will get a 10% "top up" every time you use your credits in store. Example, you spend $100 in store credit on a purchase you get an additional $10.
  • All payouts are made via email transfer. You may email or DM the store to request payment. 
  • Balances of $20 and below may be paid out in cash at the store. 
  • Inactive accounts with a balance for over 24 months will be subject to a monthly $5 fee.


  • “No thank-you” (NTY) items not picked up within 7 days of your “Intake Complete” email are subject to donation. If you need additional time to pick up NTYs please email before the 7th day. 
  • The selling period is 60 days. You may request any unsold items be pulled by day 67 via email. Any items left at Found beyond 67 days become property of Found and may be subject to clearance sales and/or donation.
  • We do not email you reminders of these dates so please make note of the dates we send in your intake email.
  • We do our very best to safeguard your items. They are left with us at the consignor’s risk.