Attention Consignors, I have news for you!

Attention Consignors, I have news for you!


Why hello there! Lots of excitement around 1 Waterford Bridge Road this month.

New season, new staff and lots of new things happening at the shop. We have seen a massive increase in consignments already!

To kick off our new fall season, I wanted to let you know that I've revamped our Consignor Agreement. Did you know the agreement hasn't changed in almost 10 years?

Yes, Found turns 10 in November! (stay tuned for news about our month-long celebration!)

The agreement is basically the same with a couple of positive enhancements for consignors. The first is that we are offering cash payouts for balances under $20 and EMT transfers for anything over $20. You can still spend your balances in-store as well.

To encourage you to come shop with those credits, starting today we are offering all consignors a 10% discount if you spend your balance with us. (some limits on luxury goods will apply) This basically makes your split with us 50% instead of the standard 40% if you shop with us. Its my way to thank you for supporting local and my little dream that has turned into something bigger than I ever expected.

We have also made our Consignor Agreement paperless. If you go to the main page of our website you can see a link to it and you can review the new agreement and sign it. If you are a new consignor and have made an appointment for a drop off you will fill this out electronically at the shop once you've reviewed it.

If you are an existing consignor and are making an appointment for a drop-off off we welcome you to fill this out ahead of time or you can do it at the time of drop-off.

The last big enhancement for consignors is that you can now request your unsold items on our website. We will only pull unsolds if requested by day 67, as listed in your email from us at the time of intake.

On day 60, you can go to the "Appointment" tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. There is now a form you can fill out. This will be sent directly to our main email address and we will respond with your pickup date. You can use this form to request pulls or you can request your pull by responding to the email we sent at the time your intake was processed.

We will allow 7 days past that pickup date to retrieve your unsold items. We have no problem pulling your unsolds, we just want you to come get them! If you do not want your unsold items back after the consignment period you do not need to do fill out this request form.

Without my consignors, I don't have a business. I value you so very much and look forward to a 2nd decade of keeping those closets organized and extending the life of good-quality textiles.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

XO - K